Amanda Accardi

Amanda is a naturally inclined vocalist. Prior to Low Ground, she spent a few years studying jazz and singing in various ensembles. As a bassist Amanda is solid and driving, yet smooth and complimentary.

Isaac Taylor

Isaac has recorded with country artist Buddy Jewell, and is also a long standing member of the Florida State Bluegrass Band. A powerhouse musician, coming steeped in Bluegrass, and Gospel traditions, Isaac is a musical force to be reckoned with.

Trevor Klutz

Trevor received a commercial music and performance degree at South Plains College. He is inventive and high energy, engaging crowds with his amazing stage presence as well as his thought provoking improvisation. 

Paddy King

Formerly of bands such as Strung Like a Horse, and The String Assassins, Paddy's take on fiddle comes from a childhood immersed in the music, classical training, and years of performing and touring. His stage presence and musical ingenuity continues to inspire growth within the band’s sound.

Nico Kiriazis

Formerly a member of bands such as The Grass is Dead, Uproot Hootenanny, and The Funky Nuggets, Nico has been a lifelong multi-instrumentalist. His musically presence steadfastly influences the Low Ground sound.